Part of the Solution?

You might have noticed a little something extra while standing in line at your local Starbucks, wristbands. For five dollars, you too can support the cause. Starbucks has “teamed up with the Opportunity Finance Network┬« (OFN) to create and sustain jobs. We call it the Create Jobs for U.S.A. Program. It will provide capital grants to select Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). The CDFIs will provide financing to underserved community businesses which include small business loans, community center financing, housing project financing and microfinance” (Starbucks).

One of our readings in Organizational Psychology this past week entitled Restorying a Culture of Ethical and Spiritual Values: A Role for Leader Storytelling written by Cathy Driscoll and Margaret McKee look at the impact the CEOs or high executives have among their employees. Discussion about this article primarily focused on religion, but I argue that it is less about imposing religious beliefs, and more about instilling values. In a top-down corporation like Starbucks, Howard Schultz has not been a passive player. His opinions have been made very clear, and the ripples in the current are definitely making waves. In fact, he has recently received backlash/been glorified (depending on what side of the fence you’re on) because of his letter to America. It made me wonder, is this his place? Is he using his power and position to do good or to push his own agendas? Is Mr. Schultz part of the problem by encouraging polarization of both sides of these issues, or is he using his power for good? After all, what is bad about creating jobs? With the economy the way that is has been lately, we have seen everything from bailouts to now wristbands. When will it end–and more importantly how will it end?

Yahoo news posted an article today entitled Employers post most job openings in 3 years is this a coincidence? If not, how do you think this will change the way companies market? How will we as members and consumers of society be able to decipher between profit and motive?